Keep It Moving!

Solo expedition run 2021

I’m not actually sure how many marathons and ultramarathons I’ve run. But it doesn’t take many to learn that, if you want to make it to the finish line, you just have to “keep it moving.” Stopping for more than a few minutes puts you at risk: your body cools and stiffens, you start to notice the aches and pains. And your mind starts screwing with you: Maybe this isn’t my day. Maybe I should just call it quits here.

As I get older, though, that mantra “keep it moving” takes on another meaning.

I’ve (reluctantly) entered my late 50s, and I’m dealing with a few, shall we say, “body things” – an arthritic knee, and declining fitness following two hernia surgeries.

I don’t like getting older!

My Keep it Moving solo expedition run – the entire 47 km length of Vancouver Island’s stunning Juan de Fuca Trail in a day – is my way of delaying that: setting myself new challenges so I stay motivated, maintain my fitness and continue to embark on wilderness adventures for as many more years as possible.

And hopefully, with my story as posted here and through the Keep it Moving film, I will inspire some of you to do the same – motivate yourself by setting a personal challenge – while also showing off a beautiful part of my country.

Very few of us will ever be the first or the best at anything! But that should not be the point. We can still keep pushing our own personal limits, and setting new goals for ourselves.

Please join me on my journey! You can sign up for updates here – feel free to tell me your own story, I’m interested! And please keep coming back and checking this space: my Keep it Moving short film will be released in late 2021!

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About me

I’m not sure whether I can still call myself an ultrarunner, or if I should say “former” ultrarunner.

I’m working to come back from illness and injury with a new ultramarathon challenge!

Find out more about me and about the ultramarathons I’ve run all over the world here.

The Juan de Fuca route

The Juan de Fuca Trail is a stunning, 47 km coastal route along the wild outer shores of southern Vancouver Island.

My route will follow shorelines where possible, and will go inland through forest where the coast is impassable. This area is home to wildlife including cougars and bears.

Follow my route planning here.