No such thing as bad weather!

trail running in the rain on the west coast of Vancouver Island

It can be really easy – whether you are training with a specific race or goal in mind, or whether you are just trying to keep up a regular routine so you stay fit and healthy – to lose your motivation over winter. The dark and short days, not to mention (depending upon where you live) the wet or the cold or both, can make it really easy to think: Nah, I’ll go tomorrow instead.

I am not big on owning a whole pile of gear (and that’s not in my budget anyway). But this saying is definitely true:

There’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad gear.

That’s why, if you value getting out of doors year-round, it really is worthwhile investing in the right gear, that will keep you warm and dry – so you will be comfortable and can actually enjoy your time out there.

Here on the west coast of Vancouver Island, our winters are more wet than cold. I was super-happy to see Salomon’s new Wildcross trail runners: big nubs on the soles for traction, and Goretex uppers to keep your feet dry.

I’ve been running in Salomons since 2012, when they first came out with their Speedcross line (still my go-to shoes for summer trails). Here I am on test run #5 with my new Wildcross shoes – now my go-to winter runner!

My Keep it Moving solo expedition run is set to take place in late May, and the short film will be released towards the end of 2021. Find out more by exploring this site, or by signing up for updates here – I will never spam you or share your info!

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I'm a writer, photographer, and radio broadcaster who is concerned about our planet and how we live our lives - hoping my work helps people to find new ways of thinking about issues such as personal health, wilderness, the environment, food security, thinking about the future. These things are all connected, you know...

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