Why “Keep it Moving”?

Port Alberni hiking and running trails

As a (former?) endurance runner, I know how important it is to keep moving. When running an ultramarathon, it’s risky to take any sort of break. Stopping for more than a few minutes may well prove fatal to your goal.

If you want to make it to the end, you have to “keep it moving.”

Now, as my 57th birthday rapidly approaches (and that’s so dang close to 60!) I realize that this slogan relates to so much more than racing ultramarathons. As we age, if we want to be able to continue to get out there and do fun stuff, we have to work a bit harder to keep everything moving .

That’s why, during this difficult period – as a raging pandemic prevents most of us from living our “normal” lives – I have set myself this expedition challenge: the Keep it Moving solo expedition run – 47 wild and rugged coastal kilometres in single day in May 2021 (exact date TBD).

I have had several health challenges in recent years: a knee injury a decade ago which has evolved to chronic arthritis, as well as two surgeries for an umbilical hernia (most definitely not fun). The net result is that my fitness is not what it used to be.

And I don’t like that.

It’s hard to improve your fitness once you are in your fifties. My goal is not to get faster or better. It’s just to come back.

With the current travel challenges due to COVID, my come-back must take place close to home – hence the Juan de Fuca trail, the shy little sister of the famous West Coast Trail, along the wild and beautiful southern west coast of Vancouver Island.

And no, running JDF in a day is not a world-class feat. Many runners have done it already. (In fact, I myself did it years ago – when I was younger and stronger).

I’m not claiming to be first or trying to be fastest. I’m simply setting myself a challenge: something that will be very hard for me to do, but motivating myself by planning to do it in a wild and beautiful place (which I will share with you on film!).

I really believe that it is important – in order to live an interesting and exciting and fulfilling life – that we keep pushing our own personal limits, and setting new goals for ourselves. This is my goal for 2021. I hope I inspire you to set yours!

My Keep it Moving solo expedition run is set to take place in late May, and the short film will be released towards the end of 2021. Find out more by exploring this site, or by signing up for updates here – I will never spam you or share your info!

Published by Jacqueline Windh

I'm a writer, photographer, and radio broadcaster who is concerned about our planet and how we live our lives - hoping my work helps people to find new ways of thinking about issues such as personal health, wilderness, the environment, food security, thinking about the future. These things are all connected, you know...

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