Ultramarathon training: the power of back-to-back days

Jacqueline Windh on Lynn Peak, North Vancouver

I was super-stoked to do my first long run since becoming less active, a few years ago, due to my knee injury and hernia surgeries. I’m temporarily living in North Vancouver, on a four-month course, but luckily I have been able to continue my off-road running on the trails up nearby Lynn Valley.

I did a blog post and video of my first big day up Lynn Valley – 5 hours on the trails – but, as I mentioned in that video, I had also hoped to tack on a climb of Lynn Peak that day. But I was going slower than I had hoped, and it was getting later in the day, so I decided that the wiser and safer bet would just be to return the next day to climb the peak.

So my Plan A was to do a roughly 6-7 hour run. Instead, I did around 5 hours – but I got at least as much training value, and probably more, by returning the next day to climb the peak. That’s the value of big back-to-back days. Going 7 hours would have been great endurance training. But doing a hard day immediately after running a long day is also excellent ultramarathon training because you are starting out on tired legs – it’s good both mentally and physically. So here’s a quick fun 1 minute video I put together of my Lynn Peak climb – total time a bit under 3 hours:

My Keep it Moving solo expedition run is set to take place in late May, and the short film will be released towards the end of 2021. Find out more by exploring this site, or by signing up for updates here – I will never spam you or share your info!

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