Ultramarathon training: the power of back-to-back days

I was super-stoked to do my first long run since becoming less active, a few years ago, due to my knee injury and hernia surgeries. I’m temporarily living in North Vancouver, on a four-month course, but luckily I have been able to continue my off-road running on the trails up nearby Lynn Valley. I didContinue reading “Ultramarathon training: the power of back-to-back days”

Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!

COVID has messed up a lot of people’s plans. For me, I lost pretty much all of my contract work – so I decided to go back to school, taking a 4-month nautical course at BCIT in Vancouver. That means I am not at home on Vancouver Island, with all of my usual running trailsContinue reading “Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!”

My backyard training ground: the Alberni Inlet Trail

Well this training run, on the Alberni Inlet Trail, was filmed two months ago – on January 11. Sometimes life gets in the way… my next post will talk about what happens when things don’t exactly go to plan, and why it took me two months to get this video together! One of the goalsContinue reading “My backyard training ground: the Alberni Inlet Trail”

Super excited to partner with Salomon Vancouver – again!

I’ve been a fan of Salomon outdoor gear almost since I started running ultramarathons. The one particular piece of equipment that really turned me on to Salomon running gear was the appearance of their Speedcross line of shoes. Here on Vancouver Island terrain is mostly steep: it can be loose (if it’s been dry out)Continue reading “Super excited to partner with Salomon Vancouver – again!”