Training while injured: To run or not to run

Part of my impetus to get “back” in shape – what initiated this Keep it Moving Project – was the fact that I was dealing with both illness and injury. I had surgery for an umbilical hernia (my second surgery) in October 2019, and I also have a chronic knee injury (related to running, butContinue reading “Training while injured: To run or not to run”

My training motivation is working: I feel strong!

It is almost three weeks ago that I realized I was once again getting into that rut. Where you know you are getting out of shape. But you feel lethargic and absolutely not motivated to train or do anything about it. Exercising when you don’t feel like exercising Well, one advantage that I have isContinue reading “My training motivation is working: I feel strong!”

Keep it moving – now and forever!

Well, I have been working on ships for most of the time from last August until just a few weeks ago. (Yes, even while I was training for my 47 km Keep it Moving Expedition Run – which I did complete in September! I’ve hardly been home since then, so I am a bit behindContinue reading “Keep it moving – now and forever!”

The legs still work: A steep mountain training hike

Well, I survived my three weeks at sea (including travel time – driving to Nanaimo airport, flying to Haida Gwaii, then working on the ship, then flying and driving back home). Not the most ideal ultramarathon training for my upcoming 47 km expedition trail run. But, amazingly, I seem to be doing OK! I managedContinue reading “The legs still work: A steep mountain training hike”

Forced to postpone my expedition run (but it’s a good thing!)

I came up with the idea for this solo expedition run only in December. My knee injury seemed manageable, it was a bit over a year since my second hernia surgery, and it felt like I could maybe take up running again. But it’s hard to get motivated when you are out of shape. RunningContinue reading “Forced to postpone my expedition run (but it’s a good thing!)”

Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!

COVID has messed up a lot of people’s plans. For me, I lost pretty much all of my contract work – so I decided to go back to school, taking a 4-month nautical course at BCIT in Vancouver. That means I am not at home on Vancouver Island, with all of my usual running trailsContinue reading “Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!”

The training plan versus the training goal

I have been contemplating this “goal” I have – to run the Juan de Fuca Trail in a day, hopefully in May. I put the word “goal” in quotation marks, because I have been thinking about the (many) differences between the goals and the training plans of an elite athlete versus those of someone likeContinue reading “The training plan versus the training goal”

Training setbacks, life setbacks: Do what you can

Life often does not go to plan. I can totally relate to that these past few months! I started training for my Keep it Moving Expedition Run in December and January feeling very enthusiastic and motivated: both getting out on the trails and working in the gym. I was getting fitter and stronger and feelingContinue reading “Training setbacks, life setbacks: Do what you can”

Big goals, small goals, SMART goals.

Setting big goals is a great way of motivating yourself. But you need to think about scale and do-ability: you don’t want to set goals that are too big. If your goals are so grand and huge that there is little possibility of ever achieving them, you risk setting yourself up for failure. Small goalsContinue reading “Big goals, small goals, SMART goals.”