Super excited to partner with Salomon Vancouver – again!

Vancouver Island coastal hiking

I’ve been a fan of Salomon outdoor gear almost since I started running ultramarathons. The one particular piece of equipment that really turned me on to Salomon running gear was the appearance of their Speedcross line of shoes.

Here on Vancouver Island terrain is mostly steep: it can be loose (if it’s been dry out) or slippery (if it’s been wet out). And the weather is basically always doing one or the other of those two things.

I had been thinking for a long time that “I want trail runners that have treads like snow tires.”

And suddenly Salomon came out with them!

Here’s the blog post I wrote about those new running shoes back in 2012.

So although I do like rotating which shoes I wear – both according to the terrain and conditions, and also just to vary the mechanics of how my feet work – Salomon’s range of trail runners have definitely become my mainstay.

In 2019 I came into a bit of a more formal relationship with Salomon. The wonderful people at Salomon store in Vancouver partnered as one of the sponsors of my Secret Coast Expedition (the presenting sponsors were the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the Spanish Embassy in Canada).

Over that one-month expedition, my husband, Dave, and I would be travelling terrain as rough as it comes. When we started researching footwear, we easily concluded that the only boots that would serve our needs (principal among those being, um, safety?) were the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX.

We approached Salomon Vancouver, and they enthusiastically supported our project. (And then we had a blast after, presenting at their West Vancouver store in November 2019 – yes, back when people could socially gather…)

So I am super excited to be partnering with Salomon Vancouver again for my Keep it Moving Solo Expedition Run. Believe me, I am not the kind of person to sell myself out to brands! If I express support for a brand, it is only because I believe in the product.

Salomon shoes have been my go-to trail shoes for years. They have a range of rugged shoes for me to choose from, according to the conditions on the day – but I already know that their new Wildcross trail runners, which I blogged about with a little video here, are almost certainly what I will choose to wear on this big run.

Salomon also design/create/manufacture so much other gear – from lightweight running packs to lightweight weather protection to lightweight hydration options. I’ll be using a Salomon running pack, as well as their thin but weatherproof WindStopper pants, on this run, too.

(Oh look! A foldable drinking cup! Water is heavy: this little device allows me to grab quick drinks along the way without even having to remove my pack . Thanks Salomon!)

So I am super excited to renew this partnership – and also super appreciative for the confidence that Salomon Vancouver has in me.

I am so inspired and enthused about doing this run! Just the act of setting of this big goal has motivated me and changed my life.

And – I’m working hard with the new GoPro to make sure my video skills are up to the task (can’t wait to show you my next blog post, which will be another video – sign up for updates so you don’t miss it!).

And – pandemic permitting – I’m also exciting about presenting the Keep it Moving Expedition film (as well as another amazing trail running film, currently under development) at the Salomon Vancouver store this coming winter! (Did I mention that I’m excited?)

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