Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!

COVID has messed up a lot of people’s plans. For me, I lost pretty much all of my contract work – so I decided to go back to school, taking a 4-month nautical course at BCIT in Vancouver. That means I am not at home on Vancouver Island, with all of my usual running trailsContinue reading “Back on track: My first “actually” long training run in years!”

The training plan versus the training goal

I have been contemplating this “goal” I have – to run the Juan de Fuca Trail in a day, hopefully in May. I put the word “goal” in quotation marks, because I have been thinking about the (many) differences between the goals and the training plans of an elite athlete versus those of someone likeContinue reading “The training plan versus the training goal”

Training setbacks, life setbacks: Do what you can

Life often does not go to plan. I can totally relate to that these past few months! I started training for my Keep it Moving Expedition Run in December and January feeling very enthusiastic and motivated: both getting out on the trails and working in the gym. I was getting fitter and stronger and feelingContinue reading “Training setbacks, life setbacks: Do what you can”

My backyard training ground: the Alberni Inlet Trail

Well this training run, on the Alberni Inlet Trail, was filmed two months ago – on January 11. Sometimes life gets in the way… my next post will talk about what happens when things don’t exactly go to plan, and why it took me two months to get this video together! One of the goalsContinue reading “My backyard training ground: the Alberni Inlet Trail”

Super excited to partner with Salomon Vancouver – again!

I’ve been a fan of Salomon outdoor gear almost since I started running ultramarathons. The one particular piece of equipment that really turned me on to Salomon running gear was the appearance of their Speedcross line of shoes. Here on Vancouver Island terrain is mostly steep: it can be loose (if it’s been dry out)Continue reading “Super excited to partner with Salomon Vancouver – again!”

Big goals, small goals, SMART goals.

Setting big goals is a great way of motivating yourself. But you need to think about scale and do-ability: you don’t want to set goals that are too big. If your goals are so grand and huge that there is little possibility of ever achieving them, you risk setting yourself up for failure. Small goalsContinue reading “Big goals, small goals, SMART goals.”

Why “Keep it Moving”?

As a (former?) endurance runner, I know how important it is to keep moving. When running an ultramarathon, it’s risky to take any sort of break. Stopping for more than a few minutes may well prove fatal to your goal. If you want to make it to the end, you have to “keep it moving.”Continue reading “Why “Keep it Moving”?”